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We are a team of professionals with great experience in business growth that develops a new concept of support for organizations with innovative leaders, fully aligned with the needs of the new era we face.<br /><br />The mission of 2 Digits Growth is to help companies accelerate their innovation and growth, by identifying and managing new business opportunities.<br /><br />Our professional trajectory has taught us that opportunities are not sought or found. They develop.<br /><br />We are an expert community of more than 30 professionals in multiple areas and sectors where we offer with guarantees, the detection of business opportunities, the acceleration of projects in a sustained manner, optimizing investments, either through internal talent or through strategic collaboration. with Start Ups.<br /><br />We accelerate the projects of our clients in a totally personalized way but with our own methodology, which is widely contrasted.<br /><br />Our objective: to contribute 100% of the value with 0% of captivity.